Buying New or Used Tires and Wheels

Whether you’re in the market of buying new or used tires and wheels we can help. Tirehost simplifies your many options with built-in geo tracking. The more options have the better informed you’ll be. The Tirehost marketplace has many tire and wheel businesses you can review. Save time save money with faster results. Visit and local exactly what you’re looking for and as always were local.

Is your Tire and or Wheel business positioned to get noticed?

In many States, Counties and Cities across America the market is full of new and used tire and wheel shops. The competition is fierce especially in highly populated areas. Let Tirehost help you take advantage of innovation. Our specialized website with its built-in seo (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to create your personal content and take full advantage of our social media enhancements to market yourTire and Wheel business. Get listed today at

Today I got a great deal on some used wheels.

Then I went to install them and little did I know I also needed tires. What to do, what to do? I went to several sites trying to find a good match to my new/used wheels and found that there where many dealerships for tires within my own area that I had no clue they were there. I search and searched the net until I found there I found 3 different shops offering new tires and 5 offering used tires. I called all of them and arranged several appointments. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the conditions of the used tires that actually fit my new wheels for a great price (even though they were used wheels). I was reluctant at first but I didn’t have enough money to purchase new tires so I opted for used tires instead. Today I’m sporting my new looks and I could not be happier. My car looks like a million dollar.

To be able to find many tires and wheel businesses in my area that carry new and used tires as well as new and used wheels was a big relief for me. Being able to find them all in one place was priceles. Thank you

Tirehost vs Yellow Pages

Tire and wheel businesses can spend on advertising in the Yellow pages. Or they can invest in their tire and wheel businesses by utilizing to build their advertising presence. So what’s the difference?, enables you can provide all your business information;and detail what your business is about. The cost: less than 50 cents per day.
It’s like having your own salesman talking to each customers directly about, new or used tires; new or used wheels; those wheel and tire packages you have; or whatever your business is about.Done virtually, the customer is provided with all your contact information; hours of operation, and can see all the details that you want to say about your business. Additionally, there’s customized promotional abilities through informational articles you can place to enlighten your customers. Like why regular maintenance is important for tires and wheels. As well as coupons you might want to inform them about. Like that tire and wheel deal you have.

In reality, the only limit about your company is what you choose not to inform your current or future customer about. So why not place yourself in a tire and wheel marketplace. Visit and get started with your dynamic advertising campaign.

Tirehost and Tirerack have several ideas in common

Tirehost and Tirerack have several ideas in common. Tirerack was able to bring all new tire brands to all buyers, without that buyer having to search many websites to do so. Tirehost has accomplished something similar by establishing a site where all tire and wheel businesses, can be found. In essence a tire and wheel business national directory. This national directory, acting as a tire and wheel marketplace, will provide consumers a one stop solution to knowing the businesses around them that deal with tires and wheels or wheel and tire packages; while expanding their opportunity to do so if they are traveling outside of their normal realm.
There is another feature within Tirehost that will help those who need to either buy or sell new tires, used tires, new wheels, used wheels or anything new or used related to tires and wheels. Its Tirehost classified section. Open to both businesses and consumers it provides opportunities to be seen and found.
The Tirehost directory allows for those tire and wheel businesses not currently listed to add themselves to the growing list. Once listed, there are several levels of participation which can enhance their presence on Tirehost. One enhancement is the Gold Level Package. This level allows tire and wheel businesses to have their own homepage, and functionality similar to having their own virtual store.
Regardless whether you just list or utilize the enhancements Tirehost’s commitment to their national directory, through SEO can help drive traffic toward businesses listed in our directory. Being part of this directory can help your business get noticed.

Why is the letter “R” listed with my tire size?

Historically, tire manufacturers have needed ways to get a longer life out of tires. The introduction of steel belting in tires gave them additional strength to hold up under high speed turning and to withstand greater load capacities. Once this technology was developed, the manufactures had to devise a way to help you differentiate between tires using the old and new technologies. So they added the letter R to the tire size listing.
That’s all I have to say for now. Look for future comments on other tire and wheel subjects from Frank the Tire Guy

Black Gold

No, it’s not a new type of gold. It’s those tires you have sitting around. Here are some suggestions on how to turn those tires into cash. Take a trip to your local used tire shop and see if they want to buy them. Post them on a free listing site like TIREHOST. Let your friends know what you have. Perhaps they or someone they know might have an interest. Even donate them, perhaps you can get a tax write off.

Look for future comments on other tire and wheels subjects from Frank The Tire Guy.

Whips and Beaters?

I bet I grabbed your eye with that! What are whips and beaters? It boils down to looks and performance. A ‘whip’ is close to the interpretation of what we in the older generation call a ‘ride’, with the exception of physical appearance. A ride for us is fully decked out bumper to bumper. A whip may not be, but will definitely have a smoking set of wheels and tires. A beater is equipped, at a minimum, with a nice set of wheels, and tires to “burn”. These drivers want performance out of their tires, either through the ability of the tires to handle “in the corners” or to “lay down rubber”. Both whip and beater owns love tires and wheels. That’s all I have to say for now.

Look for future comments on other tire and wheels subjects from Frank the Tire Guy.