Today I got a great deal on some used wheels.


Then I went to install them and little did I know I also needed tires. What to do, what to do? I went to several sites trying to find a good match to my new/used wheels and found that there where many dealerships for tires within my own area that I had no clue they were there. I search and searched the net until I found there I found 3 different shops offering new tires and 5 offering used tires. I called all of them and arranged several appointments. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the conditions of the used tires that actually fit my new wheels for a great price (even though they were used wheels). I was reluctant at first but I didn’t have enough money to purchase new tires so I opted for used tires instead. Today I’m sporting my new looks and I could not be happier. My car looks like a million dollar.

To be able to find many tires and wheel businesses in my area that carry new and used tires as well as new and used wheels was a big relief for me. Being able to find them all in one place was priceles. Thank you

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